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The founder and owner of BENEFITNESS PERSONAL TRAINING; Renato Creatini is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist & is a member

of REPs (the Register of Exercise Professionals) who has dedicated most of his life to health, fitness and nutrition.

Josie Creatini is also a fully qualified personal trainer and member of REPs, Josie also offers a swedish and spa massage service.

We are comitted to health and fitness for your personal benefit

We cater for all abilities from beginner to advanced at all ages

Our fitness programmes are designed specifically for you to help you achieve your maximum goals

We offer fun and effective training sessions, nutrition advice and regular assesments

Team Benefitness:

Team benefitness loves a challenge. We have taken part in different races such as:

-Survival of the fittest

-Nuclear races

-10K Cancer Research UK.

Join us for our next competitions!

Fully Qualified Sports Massage Therapist – Fully equipped studio in South Woodford

Sports Massage
Personal Training
Personal Trainer

Fully Equipped Sports Massage Studio

Since becomming a fully qualified sports massage therapist I specialise in both the prevention and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries through the use of sports massage and exercise.

I taylor each treatment towards the individual needs of the client, to ensure that they get the most out of every visit. Allowing them to achieve their physical, emotional and personal goals.

We also offer a swedish and spa massage service.

Supporting Local Charities with Benefitness Personal Training
Benefitness Personal Training & Sports Massage
Supporting Local Charities with Benefitness Personal Training

Benefitness Personal Training, Bootcamps and Sports Massage in Wanstead, Woodford, Walthamstow and surrounding areas.

Renato can provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance which can take your training to the next level. If you are new to fitness and a beginner in the gym, hiring a personal trainer is recommended as it will help ensure that you are using the correct form and technique, as well as selecting the most appropriate exercises to begin your fitness journey. One common mistake of new gym users is that they start off with too high intensity and without proper form which can lead to injury or lack of progress. By working with Renato  from the beginning, you will build a foundation and learn about the basics to training. 

However, personal training is not limited to beginners in the gym – even the most experienced weightlifters and fitness fanatics can hugely benefit from a coach. Whether you are looking to gain that extra 5kg on your deadlift personal best, or improve your 5k run time by one minute, a personal trainer can help you gain those tiny but all-important improvements. Maybe you have a competition or sporting event coming up that you need to improve for, a coach can help guide you and put a programme in place to achieve your goals.

We’ve put together our top 10 benefits of having a personal trainer:


1) Improved technique and form

2) Reduced chance of injury

3) Faster results

4) Motivation

5) Variety in training

6) Personalised training plans

7) Expert advice and tips

8) Nutritional guidance

9) Overcome plateaus 

10) Form long-term healthy habits and adhere to regular fitness sessions 

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